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I have really enjoyed collaborating with fashion bloggers on my cashmere and bags collection lately. They have each inspired me personally and one thing I have learnt from them is to remain authentic. That's so crucial and that makes us individual. Be true to yourself. To be honest, I have been dreading to write about myself here for awhile here because I thought I am not that interesting!

So thank you for taking the time to continue reading this post I will try my best to give you a brief insight of my world and why Mimi & Thomas, its when, what, where and how.

After my graduation with an accounting and marketing degree at De Montfort University in Leicester. I have "bumped" into and worked in the buyer profession ever since. I knew deep down I don't belong to the corporate world and there is a passion of me with fashion and accessories, I have furthered my evening and part time education in fashion related courses at Central St Martin and at Leicester college, that's when I dream of launching my own fashion accessories brand one day.

People often ask me why "Mimi & Thomas", they are the names I like so I have put them together. I have looked after a stray ginger cat called Thomas and Mimi aka me me, and that's was the time of my life when my aspirations begun.

It was on my 28th birthday my then boyfriend now my husband took me to Vegas and at the Apple Store in Caesar Palace he surprised me by typing Mimi and Thomas domain on their iPad. You can imagine I was so touched. He's my love, my muse, a wonderful father of our 2 boys and the one who reined me in from time to time when it's needed. It has still taken me awhile to start doing this properly. I have started as an Amazon and eBay seller while I was still in a full time employment. With the birth of our eldest son in 2014, it has given me the perfect timing to resign and focus on M&T. In 2016, we are very lucky to have our second baby boy coming into our family. I am growing as a person, M&T is also evolving, I'm bringing out premium cashmere wraps, more design focused bags that will appeal to all the modern women wanting something more than the high street could offer and fast fashion simply cannot satisfy. My design objective is more focused as I want to provide a versatile wardrobe solution that represents a true value, whether it's cashmere garment or a bag, they are all handmade to high quality in the best material I can find and by a manufacturer I can trust. I absolutely love what I do.

Although I am a designer to manufacture, not a maker, my bags and cashmere are still produced in small batches by my trusted manufacturers which give our products that special "not on the high street" edge.

So again, thank you for joining me in this journey of self discovery and continuing support my cashmere and clutch bags collection, onwards and upwards. I just love what I do essentially and will continue bringing the best cashmere and clutch bags for you all to enjoy.

Janet Carlisle



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