• Interview with Joe Causier

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    Name: Joe Causier

    Occupation: Co-Owner at Malcolm Murphy Hair

     Joe at Mimi & Thomas Lookbook photoshoot

    Who would you invite to your dinner party?

    I would invite Big Ang from Mob Wives.I admire her unwavering confidence, flamboyant style and she's hilarious. She sadly passed away last year but she was the life and soul of any party.

    My top 3 hair care tips: 

    1. Have fun with your hair. No matter what length hair you have there are so many fun ways you can wear it. Look at YouTube for tutorials on how to style your hair.

    2. Good blonde hair is unbeatable. The perfect shade of blonde can take time to achieve, especially if you are transitioning from dark hair.
    Persevere and look after your blonde hair and the results will be worth it.
    A professionally coloured blonde in great condition looks expensive.

    3. Towel-dry your hair before applying conditioner, it's a simple one but you will get so much more benefit from your conditioner by doing this!

    What is your perfect pizza?

    My perfect pizza is Chicken BBQ from Papa Johns but I am also obsessed with Papa Johns special garlic dip!

    If you ruled the world, what’s the first thing you would do?

    I would make guns illegal everywhere.

    Happiness is…

    Being curled up on the sofa with my fiancee and dogs watching trashy tv with a Gin and Tonic.

    Your best pick of Mimi & Thomas products is

    My best pick of Mimi and Thomas products would be the Verity Leather cross body purse. I love the unique design with the option of detaching the two parts. It's so
    versatile as you can use it as an everyday practical purse, a classy clutch
    or simply combine them together as a crossbody.

    Joe working his magic on our model's hair for A/W 2017 shoot Joe working his magic on our model's hair for A/W 2017 shoot

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  • Interview with Ashok Suren

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    Name: Ashok Suren
    Occupation: Photographer

     Dream Team at Mimi & Thomas Photoshoot

    What’s your earliest memory of photography?

    Trying to buy a camera on a school trip with my brothers money

    What’s the screensaver on your phone?

    Leica camera sketch from a magazine

    My idols are
    Jesus Christ

    If you could relive one moment from the last 24 hours, what would it be?

    More time sleeping

    Do you have a mantra you live by?
    Find what ever you want to do in live & give it all your might

    Your best pick of Mimi & Thomas products is

    The leather handbags because my wife likes them.


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  • Interview with Rachel Bowler

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    Name: Rachel Bowler

    Occupation: Model


    Hope Charity Fashion Show at Leicester Bentley

    My morning beauty regime...
    I cleanse, tone and moisturize every morning without fail.

    Which models did you look up to when you started?
    I love models like Rosie Huntington Whiteley and Karlie Koss who are doing other ambitious things along side they're modelling, they're focused girls and I think they're great role models.

    How do you stay in shape?
    I love walking in the countryside because its what I've grown up around, I most enjoy weight training.

    Soundtrack of my life
    This is hard because I can't go a day without listening to music. If I had to choose one song that's Guaranteed to make me dance, its 'I bet you look good on the dance floor' by Arctic Monkeys.

    Your dream holiday
    Another hard one as seeing the world is such a dream, but it would have to be somewhere extreme like seeing the river dolphins in the rainforest. I love adventure holidays.

    Your best pick of Mimi & Thomas product is

    VERITY leather cross body because its so smart and diverse and I love the shape. It's the perfect day to night bag.

      VERITY leather purse

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  • Valentine's Day Edit 2017

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    1. Set the scene with L-O-V-E rose gold helium balloon.

    £12 Urban Outfitters

    2. Give the gift of gorgeous scent of Jasmin

    £42, SPACE.NK.apothecary


    3. Fall in love with Cashmere, our button wrap that is wonderfully soft and very practical.

    Coral Pink, complimentary gift boxed. £80, Mimi & Thomas

    Mimi & Thomas Coral Pink Cashmere Shawl

    4. A timeless classy navy stripe jumper

    £59, Somerset by Alice Termperly, John Lewis

    navy stripe classic

    5. Ultra stylish metallic leather flats

    £98, Boden

    Metallic flats

    6. That so lovely It-bag that everyone admires!

    MIMI leather grab bag £129, Mimi & Thomas

    MIMI leather grab bag in Oyster

    7. How can we forget chocolates? Strawberry heart shape chocolate.

    £5.5, Hotel Chocolat

    strawberry chocolate

    8. New lingerie set in pink

    £27.5, Rosie for Autograph, M&S


    9. All about cuteness, 'Lets Avo Cuddle' Avocado Biscuits

    £12.5, Honeywell Bakes, NOTH


    10. The thoughtful gift from Mimi & Thomas

    VERITY 3 in 1 Leather Crossbody Bag with Purse, £79, Mimi & Thomas

    VERITY leather crossbody bag

    So these are my top 10 picks.

    Fall in love and shop online. Use discount code BEMINE to get 14% across the entire Mimi & Thomas store. Offer expires on 14.02.2017

    Happy Valentine's Day ♥



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  • Last day in November!

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    I cannot believe it's already 30th November. A very quick re-cap for the last few months it has been quite manic over here. As we started collaborating with fashion bloggers we are gaining more exposure on the social media and our lovely cashmere and clutch bags are warmly received and excellently styled by many fashion bloggers both UK and overseas.


    October highlight was definitely our participation at the Leicester Fashion Week seeing our pop up stalls in a few beautiful venues and Mimi & Thomas cashmere and clutch bags proudly accessorised our new sister brand True Cashmere collection on the catwalk. Follow us on Instagram/ Facebook @truecashmere



    In November we have been invited to a number of glamorous charity fashion events locally in Leicestershire, all fizz and fashion! What a fantastic opportunity to meet our customers as we are an online based retailer. It's lovely to hear our customers feedback, get to know them more which is wonderful.



    Well well well 1st December tomorrow and we are in full christmas spirit officially, with our S/S 2017 collection being produced we cannot wait to share with you!!

    If you have not yet got that clutch bag sorted for the upcoming christmas do or is looking to treat someone that perfect kitten-soft cashmere wrap, then look no further, click to shop and treat yourself some lovely items from Mimi & Thomas.

    Thank you so much for your support and follow and happy December running up to Christmas everyone!

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