• August 2019

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    It has been a very hectic and emotional July flying over to Hong Kong for my Dad's funeral (sadly we have lost him to cancer at 70 years old after a year's battle, I do believe he is at a better place and I miss him everyday.) then straight back to a full on summer holiday entertaining my 2 lovely boys.

    We had a fantastic time with our family in Abersoch, North Wales, it is like our second home that we absolutely adore. The weather has been kind to us in this part of the country, we went boating, digging holes on the beach, paddling in the sea, mackerel fishing, seals and giant jellyfish watching and I have even swam in the sea without a wet suit a few times. It seems just a little easier looking after my 2 toddlers (now 5 and 3 years old) this summer, I can definitely see the light in the tunnel. It was wonderful to see them making new friends on the beach confidently, enjoying paddling without their eczema hurting their legs and my older boy has been kayaking on his own with me on the paddle board alongside and my little one just loved all the beach activities especially ice-cream and fell asleep as soon as we were on the boat, must be the sea air and rocking motions. 

    Now we are back at work and I am very excited to release and share with you all my new Mimi & Thomas cashmere designs for the new season.

    It is always a thrilling journey to get inspired, draft my designs, sampling with my lovely family-run supplier in Nepal who’s done me proud and did an amazing job again to bring my designs to life, delivery is here and we had a photo shoot with my gorgeous yummy mummy friend Josie on that HOTTEST evening in July with bi-fold doors and windows open, fan is on, blotting paper ready. What a trooper!

    This A/W 2019 season, I’m rolling out our signature accent borders cashmere wraps and new mini-me wraps for the little ones. Working with a family-run mill near Kathmandu for 5 years, we've created our finest cashmere. Using the longest fibres for beautiful softness and warmth. Each of our pure cashmere wrap is a timeless seasonal accessory that will add colours, style to your everyday outfit. 

    • Free UK and worldwide delivery
    • Monogram service available
    • Made in 100% finest cashmere in Nepal

    I hope you enjoy wearing our cashmere. If you have any questions or feedback, please do not hesitate to drop me a line or contact us on social media.


    Janet Carlisle

    Founder/designer of Mimi & Thomas cashmere and leather

    email: janet@mimiandthomas.co.uk


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  • 1 cashmere wrap 10 ways

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    Come and try on 10 simple ways to wear my Mimi & Thomas® cashmere button wrap! 

    My customers love my cashmere multi-ways button wrap because it's utterly soft, versatile, great value and love its packaging and comes with useful how to wear guide. They became repeat customers and bought even more in different colours for themselves, as gifts to treat someone special. So a thought to share how I wear my cashmere multi-ways wrap in all these 10 ways for a school run, business meeting, travelling, Sunday stroll, cocktail nights to a glamorous ball. They are very simple to do and won't take a minute, you can transform your cherished cashmere wrap to more than just a poncho and wear it in all seasons. I'm 5 foot 3 tall and a size 12 modelling my wrap but they really are one size fits all for everyone! I am styling my outfits with different colour ones but rest assured these styles all come from this single multi-ways cashmere wrap.     

    Day 1: V neck poncho / school run

    Drape the cashmere wrap over the shoulders and button in front. It works well with wearing a shirt underneath and flick the collar out.

    Tips: Leave the top button unbuttoned to create a deeper V neckline.

    Here's my quick layer up school run look with my navy pure cashmere button wrap and my favourite sketchers!

    Mimi & Thomas cashmere V neck poncho

    Day 2: Poncho / Sunday stroll

    Drape the cashmere sheet over the shoulder and button in front. Move buttons to the side of your shoulder. 

    This is very easy to do and create a flattering asymmetric hem poncho. 

    Here's my weekend "country" look wearing my burgundy cashmere button wrap, a navy felt hat from Gap and my Timberlands chelsea boots.

    Mimi & Thomas cashmere poncho

    Day 3: Shrug / Business meeting

    Fold the cashmere wrap in half lengthwise, button the buttons on each side to create a tube. Put your arms through here. 

    Here's my take on a tone-on-tone outfit with a dusky pink swallows blouse, beige check trousers with my super soft beige cashmere wrap as a shrug, carrying my new blush pink nappa leather travel clutch. This will work really well over a lovely cocktail dress attending weddings, christenings or even in the office for a smarter luxurious layer instead of a cardigan. The back also drapes beautifully.

    Mimi & Thomas cashmere shrug  Mimi & Thomas cashmere shrug back

    Day 4: Scarf / Travelling

    Fold the cashmere wrap in quarters lengthwise, button up and wrap round the neck to create a snuggly cosy cashmere scarf. Bliss.

    This is my travel look in my Burberry cashmere/wool coat and my black croc embossed leather travel clutch, accent with light grey pure cashmere wrap made into a scarf.  

    Mimi & Thomas cashmere scarf

    Day 5: Snood / Going to the cinema

    Fold the cashmere wrap in half lengthwise and button the end buttons with opposite sides to create a loop. Feed the hoop overhead then twist around the neck to feed it through the head again, this becomes a stylish double infinity scarf.

    The great thing about this is you can wear the cashmere wrap over the jacket and keep yourself snug and warm during colder months. Here's my latest look I worn my charcoal pure cashmere wrap as a snood over my greatest find in Salisbury's Tu the other day at their 25% off clothing event- my new leather jacket, sling on my silver leather cross body bag, navy tunic flare dress, black nubuck boots. Off I go!

    Mimi & Thomas cashmere snood

    Day 6: Pashmina / Going to a party

    Drape the cashmere wrap over the shoulders. My cashmere wrap is a 2-ply knitted version of a pashmina, it is thicker and looks more luxurious than a lighter weight, woven pashmina you find commonly online/ high street.  

    You can also leave one side longer than the other, and throw the longer end over the opposite shoulder with a twist to create an elegant drape.

    Mimi & Thomas cashmere pashmina

    Day 7: Capelet / Just a cashmere day!

    Fold the cashmere wrap in half widthwise and button the bottom 3 buttons. Feed the hoop over head with buttons in front. Pull the cashmere hoop upwards, twist the hoop at the back of your neck then feed it over your head to create a turtle neck, adjust the drape on both shoulders.

    I am in love with this bold royal blue and grey combo at the moment. I am wearing my royal blue cashmere blend multi-ways wrap as a cape over my pure cashmere Audrina long cardigan. Cashmere on cashmere, have a cashmere day!

    Mimi & Thomas cashmere cape Mimi & Thomas cashmere cape back Mimi & Thomas cashmere drape 2

    Day 8: Cowl neck poncho / Shopping trip

    Drape the cashmere wrap over the shoulders and button in front, then move the buttons round to the back. If you want a deep cowl neckline, leave the top button undone at the back, so you can pull the front neckline down easily.

    I love this cowl neckline as much as the side poncho I styled earlier. It gives you a blank canvas to accessorise with a statement necklace. I am wearing my dark green pure cashmere wrap as a cowl neck poncho, the ultimate classic leopard court heels and match my outfit with my tan brown leather cross body.   

    Mimi & Thomas cashmere cowl neck poncho

    Day 9: Vest / Outdoor at the weekend

    Fold the cashmere wrap in half lengthwise, button the bottom 3 buttons. Feed both your arms through the hoop with the 3 buttons at the back. 

    This is another style apart from the scarf, snood, bolero you can wear together with a big jacket in the colder months. This is my Saturday morning look taking my boy to his tennis lesson. In the spirit of this sport look, here's a few failed jump shots and got one in the end.

    Mimi & Thomas cashmere vest 

    Mimi & Thomas cashmere vest side Mimi & Thomas vest jump shot Mimi & Thomas vest jump 2 

    Day 10: Stay on shawl / Going to a ball

    Repeat steps from previous Vest style, pull the cashmere wrap over the shoulder backwards to create a shawl that will stay put nicely on your shoulders.

    Here's my take on wearing my black pure cashmere wrap as a shawl and style with my silver leather half moon clutch on a dark purple Lipsy floral lace dress with clever draping around my belly!

    Mimi & Thomas cashmere shawl 

    So here you go, these are my 10 looks with 10 ways to wear my multi-ways cashmere wrap. It really is versatile piece of layering you will love.

    If you have any ideas, photos how you wear your Mimi & Thomas cashmere wrap, please feel free to share with us on social or inbox me at janet@mimiandthomas.co.uk


    Janet Carlisle





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  • Hope Against Cancer charity fashion show & Holme Pierrepont Hall christmas fair 2017

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    Mimi & Thomas is proud to support a local Leicestershire based charity- Hope Against Cancer at their annual fashion show on 16th November 2017.

    All my models (6 yummy mummy friends and my niece) volunteer to strut their stuff down the runway in 2 sets of catwalk, modelling my cashmere ponchos, travel wraps, True Cashmere knitwear and leather travel clutch and bags!
    We helped raising money for Hope Against Cancer and the evening was enjoyed by all.   

    Mimi & Thomas at Hope Against Cancer charity fashion show

    It is our first time as a stallholder to attend the prestigious 15th annual charity Christmas fair at Holme Pierrepont Hall in Nottingham on 15th & 16th November 2017. It was kindly organised by the Brackenbury family to raise funds for Rainbows Hospice for Children and Young People.

    10% of our sales commission was donated to Rainbows Hospice. It was a fantastic opportunity for our customers to feel and try on our 100% cashmere knitwear and travel wraps we have on offer. Thanks for having us and we look forward to attending again next year.

    Mimi & Thomas at Holme Pierrepont Hall christmas fair in support of Rainbows hospice

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  • Interview with Joe Causier

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    Name: Joe Causier

    Occupation: Co-Owner at Malcolm Murphy Hair

     Joe at Mimi & Thomas Lookbook photoshoot

    Who would you invite to your dinner party?

    I would invite Big Ang from Mob Wives.I admire her unwavering confidence, flamboyant style and she's hilarious. She sadly passed away last year but she was the life and soul of any party.

    My top 3 hair care tips: 

    1. Have fun with your hair. No matter what length hair you have there are so many fun ways you can wear it. Look at YouTube for tutorials on how to style your hair.

    2. Good blonde hair is unbeatable. The perfect shade of blonde can take time to achieve, especially if you are transitioning from dark hair.
    Persevere and look after your blonde hair and the results will be worth it.
    A professionally coloured blonde in great condition looks expensive.

    3. Towel-dry your hair before applying conditioner, it's a simple one but you will get so much more benefit from your conditioner by doing this!

    What is your perfect pizza?

    My perfect pizza is Chicken BBQ from Papa Johns but I am also obsessed with Papa Johns special garlic dip!

    If you ruled the world, what’s the first thing you would do?

    I would make guns illegal everywhere.

    Happiness is…

    Being curled up on the sofa with my fiancee and dogs watching trashy tv with a Gin and Tonic.

    Your best pick of Mimi & Thomas products is

    My best pick of Mimi and Thomas products would be the Verity Leather cross body purse. I love the unique design with the option of detaching the two parts. It's so
    versatile as you can use it as an everyday practical purse, a classy clutch
    or simply combine them together as a crossbody.

    Joe working his magic on our model's hair for A/W 2017 shoot Joe working his magic on our model's hair for A/W 2017 shoot

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  • Interview with Ashok Suren

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    Name: Ashok Suren
    Occupation: Photographer

     Dream Team at Mimi & Thomas Photoshoot

    What’s your earliest memory of photography?

    Trying to buy a camera on a school trip with my brothers money

    What’s the screensaver on your phone?

    Leica camera sketch from a magazine

    My idols are
    Jesus Christ

    If you could relive one moment from the last 24 hours, what would it be?

    More time sleeping

    Do you have a mantra you live by?
    Find what ever you want to do in live & give it all your might

    Your best pick of Mimi & Thomas products is

    The leather handbags because my wife likes them.


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