Mimi is a successful career woman. She's smart, independent, and loves her latte on the go. She's cosmopolitan, frequent flyer on her buying trips and visiting trade shows in the Far East and Paris. She blogs about her travel, daily trivia. During her business trips she gets to see new places and cultures, often inspiring new ideas.

Thomas is an online entrepreneur. He is sleek, well spoken and smartly dressed. He has just booked his flight to Frankfurt this month for a conference, and planned a two-stopper in Hong Kong and China next month for a supplier visit. He works on the go, even emailing customers whilst on holiday with his family in Sorrento. He aspires to be like Tim Ferriss, the '4-hour work week' man himself one day soon. He loves gadgets and appreciates the finer things in life.

Both Mimi & Thomas work hard and play hard. They love to travel and see the world, whether it's skiing in the winter, Marbella in the summer or a weekend break in Vegas or Dubai.

Inspired by this, our brand Mimi & Thomas® was created.

Designed and carefully sourced by Janet Carlisle, Mimi & Thomas offers a range of cashmere clothing and leather travel accessories.

Our ethos is to combine function and sleek design, using premium materials and skilled craftmanship from our Artisan manufacturers in Nepal, Inner Monoglia and China.

We are well known for our pure cashmere, multi-way button poncho for its versatility and softness, our luxurious cashmere 5-piece travel set and pure cashmere hooded onesie to keep you in utmost comfort at 39,000 feet.

Our latest addition is a range of leather travel accessories, from a highly organised travel wallet, matching passport holder and luggage tags, to a leather clutch bag and cross-body bags with a twist.

#seetheworld and travel in style with Mimi & Thomas - your online boutique for luxurious yet affordable cashmere and leather travel accessories.


About Janet Carlisle

Born in Hong Kong, Janet obtained her accounting and marketing degree in De Montfort University in Leicester, England, and she has been working for corporates as an assistant buyer, Asian purchasing manager and inventory manager. Janet aspires to follow her passion on fashion accessories and dreams of creating her own fashion accessories brand. She enriched her fashion background with courses locally in Leicester and at Central St. Martins London. When her first son was born, she became a full-time mumtrepreneur with Mimi & Thomas.

Fashion goes round and round again, but style never fades. This is one adage that almost perfectly describes the feelings of Mimi & Thomas founder, Janet Carlisle. Good fashion, she feels, ought to lift your mood every time you wear it, and it shoulder empower you. Wearing pure cashmere is a special experience; it's lightweight, utterly soft and non-scratchy. Once you put it on, your know you are putting on a quality piece of knitwear.

When Janet is designing, she pictures modern people from busy mums to business professionals, juggling multiple roles and daily tasks, who needs to indulge themselves every now and then- something that fast, high-street fashion simply can't do. With this in mind, she designs her cashmere and leather accessories to be classy, versatile gems that will last season after season and become the go-to pieces.

As well as designing clutch bags and small leather goods, Janet began to source and sell Nepalese and Inner Mongolian cashmere clothing and accessories. She loved the craftmanship and the passion of the artisans she found and the beautiful long cashmere fibre their goats had to offer, so she wanted to share this finest of cashmere with her customers.

"I absolutely love what I do, and I hope you like my Mimi & Thomas® cashmere and leather accessories." Janet Carlisle