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Red, brilliant, fiery, postbox-blooming-red, is an all or nothing colour.

Add a dose of bright red when it's dreary out and it will boost your mood instantly.

1. Bag

Reach for a bag in this bright color. They will be just eye-catching enough and add that little something extra to a classic black outfit.

2. Mimi & Thomas parade red cashmere poncho

We pile on so many pieces when layering for the cold—opt for our parade red cashmere multi-way poncho this time to keep it fresh! 1 wrap, 10 different styles it is all you need.

3. Red Nails

Va va va voom - red nail polish! How can you go wrong? I think women of all ages can rock red nail polish and it’s a great way to incorporate red into your outfit this summer.

4. Red shoes

Ladies, never underestimate the power of a finely-colored heel. If you are looking to add bold elements into your neutral-toned dress or tee and jeans combo, you may want to consider incorporating a brightly-colored shoe into your overall outfit. Whether you love wearing heels or prefer to rock flats, owning red shoes is an investment that you will not regret!

Happy styling in red this Spring!

Janet Carlisle



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