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 Mimi & Thomas White Pleated Satin Vintage Oval Clutch

  • Store your clutch bag in a dust bag to keep it in good condition for longer.


  • Avoid hand lotion when using a satin clutch- the oils stain the fabric.


  • Avoid leaving your clutch laying on grass, flooring, or even on a table where wine or food can easily spill or splash on it.


  • Polish the metal frame on the bag with wool in small circular motion then wipe it with dampened cloth to give maximum shine.


  • Gently brush the dirt away from glass beads, sequins embellishments with a soft bristled toothbrush.


  • To remove stain on fabric, add a few drops of white wine vingar to a clean dampened sponge, dab on the area and rub it gently to remove the stain.


  • Allow time for it to air dry day before the event.




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